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We flip the traditional “top down” marketing pyramid to a “store back” model, leveraging data science to unlock hidden opportunities for brand growth.

Store-level growth plans influencing strategy, product focus, budget allocation, menu daypart emphasis, messaging and promotional offers.

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We transform store data into individual, actionable, strategic growth plans.

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Invest Marketing Resources with Confidence

Make promotional and budgeting decisions based on individual store characteristics, maximizing saliency and minimizing waste.

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Understand Barriers and Drivers to Maximizing Sales

Develop store-specific programs based on current operational and promotional performance to increase traffic, average check and same store comp sales.

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Know Guests Based on Purchase Behavior

Leverage loyalty transactions and/or credit card data to establish guest profiles, unlocking enhanced segmentation, targeting and prospecting opportunities.

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At SxS, we partner with restaurant brands to find and create that growth quickly.

We know the considerations for CMOs continue to increase exponentially — more competitors, more points of sale, more media channels, more available data — but the expectations of leading with strategic clarity and delivering growth remain constant.

At SxS, we combine individual store transactions, as well as business and market considerations, to provide single-store, market and system road maps to drive the business forward. Our plans help you and your agencies put learning into play, focusing your messages and efforts on the right products, dayparts, days of week and offers to drive growth.

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How SxS can drive your business.

Planning Augmentation

Gain insights in advance of annual planning.

Reinvigorate Stalled Stores

Identify specific opportunities to address stalled growth (SSCS, store traffic, average check).

Turn Around Down Stores/Down Markets

Assess and address challenging stores and markets for both short and long term opportunities.

Maximize Top Performing Stores

Provide insights for the highest-sales stores looking at capacity, menu mix, average check and additional daypart growth opportunities.

Predictive Analytics/ROI Models

Leverage transactional data to determine the potential of product and price strategies, store-by-store, market-by-market.

Customer Intelligence and Segmentation

Gain additional understanding of your customers and segment them based on loyalty and/or purchase behavior.

Local Planning Support for Multi-Unit Franchisees

Support franchisees with individualized store plans to drive sales, address local challenges, and support the long term brand value for their investment.

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SxS is led by a team of experienced restaurant marketers who have decades of experience developing and growing brands across the QSR, Fast Casual, and Casual Dining spectrum.

store quote icon svg We know the restaurant business and have walked in your shoes. We have a proven track record of driving growth for multiple restaurant brands and understand how critical it is to meet your financial goals each quarter.

Our team is ready to work alongside you day by day to ensure you meet and exceed those goals.
Jenifer Harmon
SxS Executive Vice President
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