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Episode 03

Growing Restaurant Loyalty & Traffic

Historically, restaurant leaders lived or died on same store comp sales (SSCS) performance. But multiple price increases forced by the cost of goods increasing since COVID have made SSCS almost insignificant. Today, restaurants depend on growing traffic with new audiences, increased frequency and long-term loyalty. If a restaurant is not growing traffic, it is not increasing in value. Today, traffic is king.

Length: 21 minutes

Date: Nov 15, 2023

Episode 02

Driving Tremendous Growth For Zaxby's

St. John worked alongside Zaxby's founders to grow licensees, new locations, same store comp traffic/sales, and long-term brand value for over 15 years, from 110 locations to 900+, from AUVs of $1.5M to well over $3.5M, and ultimately a historic sale to Goldman Sachs for $2B. This is the story of St. John's incredible adventure working with Zaxby's marketing leadership, licensees, operations and communities to create fan fanatics, strong local roots, breakthrough innovation and a tremendous return on the investment value for all stakeholders.

Length: 34 minutes

Date: Nov 15, 2023

Episode 01

Intro to Store By Store (SxS) - A Restaurant Growth Partner

Marketing leaders are swimming in data. Store by Store knows how to use data to tell the guest's story and drive new traffic and sales. We take restaurant transactions, guest proximity and menu preference, and append consumer profiles to help restaurants uncover hidden growth opportunities and maximize their media spend and messaging with these insights.

Length: 34 minutes

Date: Nov 15, 2023